How to: Create your account on the Community

  • 18 December 2023
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The Bynder Community is the perfect place to ask product-related questions, share your knowledge, network with other customers, and keep up to date :sparkles:

If you haven’t created your account yet, you can follow these quick steps so you can join us in the Community. It will take you a few clicks:

  1. Go to
    1. Go here to skip step 2
  2. Click on Join or Login in the right corner of your screen
  3. Click on “Create an account here!’
  4. Choose your username. **Other uses will be able to see this. 
  5. Enter your email address associated with your Bynder account. **Other users won't see this. 
  6. Choose a password 
  7. Check your email and click the activation link!
  8. You’re in!

Not sure where to go next? Check out the article below 👇


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