User Management interface

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Portal User Management UI

Thank you Bynder, for reworking the User Management interface. This is now far easier to work with.

  1. Interface remembers your fields
  2. Interface remembers your filtering options

Before these changes it was incredible difficult to use this and manage DAM users, if you wanted to edit a user and after you did so, returning back to the main page would reset the page to default removing all of your filters, you would have to reset them. eg. Status -Active/Inactive, Groups and Profile level.

Another great improvement, keep it coming.

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Great to hear how these changes help you and your team @Andrew Edwards! I will share this with our product team as well 😊

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@Ryanne Perry the speed/performance boost is really noticeable as well. We currently have 12,000 users, and rapidly growing. Searches were so painful and slow before, but the new tools are a dramatic improvement.

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Awesome to hear @KlausRoots! Thanks for sharing this with us.