Saving costs, diversifying creator base with Studio

  • 19 December 2022
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Saving costs, diversifying creator base with Studio
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Hey everyone, 


Last week the Bynder team did a webinar centered around our Studio product. We covered:

  • Trends in content creation that we’re hearing, specific to the present moment as brands close out 2022, focus on 2023, with the backdrop of a tougher economy and constrained resources. What we hear most often is an objective to reduce agency spend, consolidate systems, and diversify the content creator base. Down economy or not, brands still need to personalize to their most valuable customer segments…its just that now, in order to get there, many brands are reimagining their content creation process. 
  • A business case for Bynder DAM + Studio put together earlier this year by GoHealth (image below). They highlighted the need to better enable stakeholders, open up bandwidth for new strategic initiatives, and avoid the need for additional resources. They estimate Studio will reduce the # of creative requests they get by 31%, and that DAM + Studio will allow them to avoid making a full time hire, at about 50% of what that new hire would cost. 
  • 10 minute walkthrough of Studio from our Video Specialist Cory Nesselbush, showcasing how a non-Creative user can quickly create variations of a time-based promotion like a webinar or live event asset. 

If you’d like to watch the recording to get a better sense of where Studio could fit within your creative operations, simply sign up via this link! I’d also love to answer any questions directly in the comments below. 




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