New feature release: Smart filters are now much faster!

  • 22 March 2023
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New feature release: Smart filters are now much faster!
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We are so excited to share that the Smart filter performance just got an upgrade! The Smart filters of the type smart-single (those that have multiple lists) will now load and open faster. 

What’s changed? Essentially it looks and behaves the same, but now you won’t experience a delay in opening your Smart Filters. We revamped part of the back-end and front-end to load options beforehand, resulting in a speedy page load and instant open. Under certain conditions, it took 8 seconds to load a Smart Filter. We’ve reduced that to instantly, to help increase our user's productivity.

Why? We know that delays in Smart Filter performance have been causing headaches and slowed loads and we wanted you to have a better experience! It was more than that initial click of opening a Smart Filter. When users would do ‘clear filters’, re-opening the Smart Filter would again lead to a wait. 

Another reason we took into account is the growing amount of metadata that we see customers wanting to store inside their DAM. It’s not uncommon for customers to have 5 or more metaproperties within one Smart Filter. We wanted to make sure that the performance of our Smart Filters would grow with our customer’s needs for the foreseeable future.

You know why we’re excited, tell us why you’re excited in the comments below!

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