New feature release: Photoshop importer available in Studio

  • 8 December 2022
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New feature release: Photoshop importer available in Studio
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Studio, our solution for faster content creation, just got even cooler!

Are you ready to accelerate your content production with the Photoshop file uploads to Studio?

How? Simply upload new and existing Photoshop files to Studio! Make your creation in Photoshop, upload it to the DAM and simply add it to Studio! 

Why? Because we know how important other tools are to your design and creation process. We continue to bring you ways to turbo-charge your content production.

What are some key capabilities to note Importer? 

  • Files are automatically converted to a Studio design format allowing for edits to layers/elements directly in the web editor

  • Elements can be locked and the design can be saved as a template 

  • Support for shapes, groups, masks, and blends

Want to upload your Illustrator files too? No problem, export the paths into a  PSD file and upload to Studio.

To learn more about the Photoshop Importer check out the Knowledge Base article here.

What else for Designers? You can also re-use your Sketch files by importing them directly into the DAM. Find out how here.

What will do you with this new Photoshop and Studio collab?

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