New feature release: Blend modes in Studio

  • 24 October 2022
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New feature release: Blend modes in Studio
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With Studio, one of the newest features that stands out to me the most is Blend modes! 

Why? While I am no designer, when I saw a demo of blend modes in action I was in awe. It allows users to make more complex and richer compositions. It also increases your ability to recreate specific effects that originate from other design tools, like Photoshop.

What does this mean for you? Users can change the look of their visuals by selecting a blend mode that determines how the colors of a layer blend with colors on underlying layers. This is based on their hue, saturation, luminosity, or a combination of these components. 

Our Product team is most excited about blend modes because it adds yet another powerful tool that designers and editors are familiar with, unleashing the creative possibilities of Studio

Click here to learn more.

With 16 standard blend modes, what amazing designs can you create?

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