New feature release: Asset Zoom Slider in Collections

  • 20 September 2022
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New feature release: Asset Zoom Slider in Collections
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Have you heard the news? Asset Zoom Slider is now available in Collections!


We checked in with our Group Product Manager, @Laurens Kalf, and here’s what he had to say about this feature release. 


There was a big ask from customers to be able to view either smaller or larger 'thumbnails', previews, in the asset overview in the Bynder asset bank. The reasons for this were different per customer. Some of them wanted to be able to see more, smaller, assets in one glance. Other customers actually wanted to be able to see more detail on their images as they scrolled through their asset bank. Therefore we introduced this functionality first for the asset overview. The response we got was very positive!


Thanks to the positive customer reactions, we decided to bring this feature to collections as well since we got feedback from customers that they would like to leverage this same functionality in collections.


So I'm excited that we have been able to bring this innovation that is received very well in the asset overview, to our collections feature!


You can learn more about it here.


How will you be using the Asset Zoom slider in Collections?

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