New feature release: Asana Integration

  • 7 December 2023
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New feature release: Asana Integration
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We continue expanding our integration offerings between Bynder and project management tools. I am excited to share an integration with Asana!

What is the value that this integration brings to you?

  • Collaborate across the entire content lifecycle
  • Controlled organization and version control of your content
  • Connect asset creation to distribution
  • Save time by automating the upload process for approved and final assets
  • Reduce manual work by automatically updating asset metadata
  • Streamline workflows by eliminating the need to switch between platforms unnecessarily

A few key features-

  • Send assets with metadata from Bynder to Asana based on a selected trigger (metaproperty) from within the DAM
  • Enabling a bi-directional flow of assets between Asana and Bynder
  • Send assets with metadata from Asana to Bynder based on a selected trigger
  • Create new assets and update existing assets in either Bynder or Asana

Want to learn more about the Asana integration? Check out the knowledge base article here.

Do you currently use Asana? If so, what are the most valuable activities you would benefit from integrating Asana with the DAM? If you are not using Asana (but you want to), what challenges are you facing that prevent you from implementing Asana?


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