Just Download Asset Metadata with the CSV Metadata Download Feature!

“Has this ever happened to you?”


You want to view and use the metadata in your assets in outside of Bynder but when you go to download a CSV of your metadata it downloads the physical assets along with the metadata? 


If the answer is yes, we understand how frustrating this can be. As an onboarding manager, I have heard from many customers asking about this and I’m sure many of you have as well. We are proud to say those days are over. That’s why we recently introduced the ability to download just the metadata information to a CSV without downloading the physical assets. 

Now, you can view the metadata of your assets via the comfort of the CSV you always wanted without having to constantly download the assets along with it. 

Downloading metadata of your assets can be useful in a number of ways. Some reasons I have seen customers download metadata of their assets are:

  1. For audit purposes. This can allow you to view the metadata of your assets in a clear, concise way via CSV to ensure data quality in their DAM. 
  2. To better understand the digital rights of an asset. Being able to view this information easily and accessible can be very important.
  3. Ability to leverage this data in external systems. Maybe you need to utilize or reference this information in other systems. The ability to download the information via CSV allows for a seamless transition into other systems. 

In the end, we heard your feedback and are so happy to now introduce this feature to you. Let us know if you have any questions and, more importantly, let us know if this has been a game changer for you in the comments!! 




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@AmyW @jeffbrown @VeroniqueG  - FYI! Following up from your posts about downloading just metadata from the library 

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Love this feature, would love it more if the asset ID is included in the CSV so you can audit properly.

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Thanks @Danny van Loon - will add as an insight for our Product team!


@Kevin Duque FYI

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It’s a great feature, thank you.

Also useful for admins would be the possibility to download the entire taxonomy for audit /quality purposes :

  • Metaproperty label/name/ID
  • Options labels/name/ID
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Thanks for the additional insights @VeroniqueG - I will add this and share with the Product team @Kevin Duque 

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Hello! We had Custom Download File Name AND auto check on for Include XMP Metadata so we do not lose metadata on assets when downloaded out of the Bynder system. This set up in our DAM was working very well but recently there was a change to the system and it is not working any longer. We have more that one company in our DAM and we had the system set up if someone downloads a file it states the brand name then the title for file name in download. We then had mapping set up so the original file name would map down to instructions. Also we had mapping set up on our assets so metadata would not get stripped in the download process. BUT something has happened and now if we want the file to download with the brand name the mapping down of metadata no longer works and if when have the mapping work then Custom download file name will not work. We do have a ticket open (186168) for this but it is a major issue for us and if you have a set up like this please check to see if it is still working. And if it is not please submit a support ticket. 

@Ben Purzak Thank you for developing this feature. But in this post, I don’t see any clue how to actually download a CSV of the meta data? Where do I find the how-to?


Well, I figured out how to download the CSV. 

  1. Select asset
  2. Click the tiny download icon in the upper right
  3. In the pop-up window, check the box that says “include XMP meta data”
  4. Click “Export to CSV”

But @Ben Purzak , the CSV doesn’t look clean to me. I’m no Excel expert, but when I do a “text to columns” and separate by semicolons, the data ends up in weird places. When I sort by “creation date” for example, it only sorts 177 or so of my 14,000+ assets.

Something’s goofy with the CSV file. Any advice? Thank you.



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Hi @phil great to see you in the Community! You beat me to sharing the how-to article. I am adding it here for others reference.

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@Ryanne Perry I had a response to this but when you add a screenshot the whole response is being flagged for the moderators to check...do we not need to login before we can respond, so the chances of anyone putting in an inappropriate image is kinda smallish?

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That is odd @Danny van Loon thanks for flagging! I am investigating this 🤔. Can you email me the image?