Have you always wanted to receive event notifications from Bynder to Slack or MS Teams? Well now you can!

  • 30 November 2022
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Have you always wanted to receive event notifications from Bynder to Slack or MS Teams? Well now you can!
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Are you a Bynder Admin and you use Slack or Microsoft Teams extensively? Have you always wanted to be notified in Slack or MS Teams of changes in Bynder, like if a new asset is uploaded, deleted, updated?

With Bynder’s new connectors to Slack and Microsoft Teams, we are taking notifications right to these two integral platforms for greater visibility where you work.


As a person that is guilty of missing messages in my inbox, I know how important it is for updates to be shared in the channels your teams use most. For me, I live in Slack which is why I’m thrilled to roll out this new notification feature for Slack and Microsoft Teams. Now you can stay informed of new assets or updated versions while ignoring your inbox.. not saying that I promote ignoring updates 😅 @toni.aquino - Group Product Manager


How does it work? Configuring the connector is simple. You can do so from within Bynder settings, selecting the event notifications you want to receive as well as who should receive them.

Once the configuration is complete, you will automatically receive a notification in the platform giving you the information as it happens, when you need it.

What messages can I configure? Messages for events in Bynder: create (upload), delete, metadata update, version update, or archived and set to a specific channel.

Want to learn more about these integrations

  • Check out more information about the Microsoft Teams messaging connector here

  • Check out more information about the Slack messaging connector here

Do you use Slack or Microsoft teams? Which notifications will you use?

6 replies

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This is great for notification of a version update, since that happens a lot in our system and I’m only notified if I’ve downloaded the asset before. Plus having the notification outside of Bynder is very helpful since we’re in Teams more and more. 

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Hey @RPalmer, great to hear this is helpful!  

Was wondering what types of actions you take when you get these notifications for updated versions?  Also do you have any governance plans around how/when/who should be updating versions of assets in the system?

Curious to know more about your process as I know you are a great DAM champion!

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@rob.faulds In our instance, only our Designers (those creating the assets) can add new versions of existing assets, but if they are PDFs, they fail to standardize and optimize them for several of our uses (i.e. website standards), so I have to download each updated version, standardize and optimize the PDF in Acrobat, and then replace their updated version with the standardized/optimized version. I want to be able to do that the same day so folks don’t have a chance to share/download the un-standardized/optimized PDF. So this is really just for new versions of PDF assets - I don’t have to control standards/optimize graphic assets.


What I’d really like to see is a “new version” email notification go out to anyone that has Viewed, Downloaded or Shared the asset so they are aware it’s been updated. However, to make it most effective, it would need to be an option you could select when adding the new version so you only send out the notification if it’s a significant version change and not just a typo update etc. I think we’d get folks going back into Bynder more frequently if their new version notifications weren’t just in-app.


I’d also like to see the Creative Workflow option to add an asset from a job be able to indicate it was a new version (unless I’m missing something in our setup) - so when a ticket is closed out and it’s a new version it doesn’t come into the Waiting Queue looking like a new asset and then accidentally get added as a new asset. Again, I may be missing something in our setup, but this happens a lot for us.

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Our CSM said this is only available at aadditional cost through the Integrations Hub package, so might be worth noting that if folks aren’t using that functionality currently. 

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Thanks for sharing!  Makes sense.

Regarding the email notification, I can bring this insight to the Product team to let them know your desire for this type of feature.  There appears to be a way to accomplish some of what you desire with our API.  It would require some dev resources on your side to setup.  You can use SNS notifications to automatically tell you when a new version has been uploaded.  From there you could use our API end points for asset analytics to see which users have viewed and downloaded the asset.  Unfortunately it doesn’t look like share is available.  Once you have this information you might be able to develop an automated email (depending on your email clients API endpoints) that is sent to these users, updating them on the new version activity.

Regarding the Workflow piece, this is a valuable piece of feedback I will take back to our Product team.  Currently all assets pushed from Workflow into the DAM are treated as net new assets and cannot be uploaded as a new version to an existing asset automatically.  The asset would need to be downloaded and then uploaded as a new version manually.  For this scenario, I would recommend one of the two following processes…

  1.  Add a Workflow metaproperty to the existing preset being used to confirm if this is in fact a new version for an existing asset.  Configure this metaproperty to export into an Asset Bank metaproperty with the asset when pushed to the waitingroom.  You would then be able to see in the waitingroom if this was a new version for an existing asset.  You then download the asset and upload to the appropriate asset as a new version manually.  
  2. Configure a specific Workflow preset for updating versions of existing assets and do not enable the export to the waitingroom/asset bank feature.  The final stage of this job would be to download directly from the job and upload manually as a new version to the appropriate asset.  You could then close the job.

Hope this is helpful!

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We’re looking in to the SNS notifications with our CSM now. Hopefully that will work! Thanks!