Digital Brand Templates becomes Studio - Stronger capabilities, increased efficiency, and cost savings

We're thrilled to announce an upgrade that keeps pace with your changing needs and consolidates content creation and templating capabilities into a single platform - Studio.

Inspired by what our customers are creating and their ample feedback over the years, Studio comes to address the Digital Brand Templates (DBT) pain points and:

  • Offer a more seamless user experience.

  • Increase the productivity of designers and content creators.

  • Diversify the supported content types - allowing you to easily expand your content creation from image content to videos and gifs. 

How you benefit from this upgrade

More advanced editing capabilities, visibility restrictions, and approvals

The most common DBT pain points are a thing of the past:

  • The need to re-upload design files when users want to make changes to templates in DBT is solved with edits on the fly in Studio.

  • Limited compatibility between the supported design tools and DBT is resolved with extended support and the option to create designs from scratch and edit them directly in Studio.

  • Say goodbye to the restrictive experience with the text editor in DBT - the brand-new text engine in Studio brings more control over how text is styled and positioned.

  • The content visibility permissions are more extensive in Studio allowing sharing of templates, designs, and projects with specific users, user groups, and profiles.

  • The basic approval functionality in DBT featuring only the approve/reject options is extended in Studio to include comments. [available in Q2]

Holistic approach to content creation
Studio combines powerful design capabilities and automation, so that you can:

  • Design content from scratch or use the importer to jump-start the process of creating templates.

  • Scale content for multiple channels by using multi-size designs.

  • Leverage automation like batch creation or bulk edits/adaptations to create multiple variations of the same design.

  • Safeguard brand with brand presets and element locking.

  • Benefit from deep integration with DAM, leveraging assets and features.

Cost savings

By automating repetitive tasks, you complete projects faster and more efficiently, freeing up valuable time and resources. With Studio you can:

  • Create more content with fewer resources

  • Bring the creation of every day, low-complexity content in-house

  • Ensure that branding and content guidelines are always followed

Let us know what you think about Studio! 

(This article concerns the upgrade from Digital Brand Templates to Studio). The Studio upgrade for your portal might not be ready yet. We will inform you when you’re going to be upgraded, but if you’d like more information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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