Get asset info from shared collection

Hello guys!

I am given a shared collection URL because I need to get the assets on it using javascript code.

If I want to get info from those assets, is it mandatory to have the account credentials and use the oauth flow? or is there any trick to get the assets’ info with the shared url collection ?

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Hi @rolandobr 

That’s a great question! It would depend on the share settings of the collection that you’ve received.

When a user in Bynder creates a collection and generates a share link to give out, there are different settings that can be applied to that share link. One of the settings is to “Require Login”. This setting will determine whether a collection can be viewed without needing account credentials. 

If you do not have account credentials or don’t want to log in, please ask the collection creator to modify the settings and turn off the “Require Login” setting for you.

Thank you, actually the collection is accessible with out login and I can biew the collection’s content, I mean pictures and so on, but I need to get this data using code (javascript) but when I make an ajax request, I get errors, no results.

My question is if I can access this collection using the api without having authorization info from the creator.


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Hi @rolandobr 

Thanks for providing more information! For any API calls, you will need a token created within the Bynder portal. If the portal admin can create that token for you to use, then you will be able to make the calls that you need.

For more information, you can review our API documentation here: