The 15 metrics most critical to DAM success

  • 29 September 2022
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Hi everyone, I'm doing a session in November for Henry Stewart (hope to see some of you there). It's titled “The 15 metrics most critical to DAM success” - but let me tell you something between me, you, and the community: I don’t have all 15 nailed down yet!! I feel like there are so many to choose from, this will have to be a well curated list. So let me ask openly here: if you were me, what would your top 2-3 be?


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Looking past the obvious metrics on downloads, logins etc … my top 3 would be:

  1. A weighted measure for user engagement: Beyond mere downloads or logins - creating a weighted score that factors in how often the user comes to the platform, uses search, downloads assets, generates content from templates, reads guides etc. A composite score creates insight into casual vs power users.
  2. Searches that result in no matches: Understanding where there may exist gaps in content or helping to re-frame language used in taxonomy and filters. (Bynder it would be nice if advanced analytics showed when these spotlight searches are used in combination with filters)
  3. Reporting on downloads and views by asset sentiment / contextual value: i.e. Do images with neutral faces out perform happy smiles, are action shots outperforming still content, Group shots vs single people etc….. comparing image vs video, poster vs social asset is often just too superficial. Being able to delve into content and composition can be a huge benefit to creative teams looking to test and generate content that works.
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@KlausRoots Thank you! All 3 are very helpful.