Streamlining and creating efficiencies in your DAM, have you thought about ....

  • 11 April 2023
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Streamlining and creating efficiencies in your DAM, have you thought about ....
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DAM is a critically important technology in your marketing ecosystem driven by the exponential growth of content.

Whether you have a DAM as a brand portal for users to access assets, it's part of a broader content operation to speed up execution and time to market - or if your DAM is the system of record for a complex connected ecosystem, you've made a great investment.

As you continue to drive adoption of your DAM with your current use case, you should also consider ways to drive even more value. Think about your current pain points, how you'll benefit from solving them and what it would take to get there. You may be doing the same repetitive task manually, like updating assets on your website, and it's time consuming.

What if you could streamline that task and work more efficiently by automatically delivering optimized assets? How you'd get there? Integrate with your CMS and consider Bynder's Dynamic Asset Transformation.

If you don't know how to start thinking about the opportunities you have to automate and streamline processes, here are some ideas:

  1. Start by assessing what type of content you have in the DAM. Is it brand elements? Marketing and campaign content? Product assets?
  2. Next, think about where that type of content typically flows.
  3. Then think about what adjacent technologies are used for those channels. Do you know what systems you have at your organization for those and/or what teams own those systems?

For example, if you have product images in your DAM, they're likely used for e-commerce and will typically go to a PIM (Product Information Management) to syndicate to your website and other third-party marketplaces and retailers. If you have packaging and label assets, you may want to send them to a specialized printer.

Either way, once you've identified where it will go you can figure out what systems you're using for those workflows, which team owns them and if there is an opportunity to look at integrating.

Leave a comment to let me know your current thoughts on connecting your ecosystem. 

And as always, if you need help getting started, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. They can give you a hand as well as pull in our Digital Strategy, API and Integration Specialists.

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