How are you feeling about AI and your content?

  • 28 April 2023
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You can’t log on to a news site, LinkedIn, or Twitter without seeing an AI headline. AI. is. everywhere. And if you’re in the business of content creation, management, and distribution, the question “what does this mean for me, my work, and my industry?” looms. 

What about AI as it relates to DAM and your content has you excited or keeps you up at night? Let us know in the the comments! 

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2 replies

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Main benefit for me would be time saving in tagging. Today Bynder offers automated tagging, powered by AWS Rekognition and it’s great, albeit not sufficient. Users ask for faster and smarter search facilities, and everything is about metadata and tags.

What would be great, would be to manage custom labels for Rekognition, in order to train AI with labels related to our business. But maybe it’s something we have to subscribe separatly directly to AWS. 

If anyone has an experience, I’d be glad to hear

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Thanks for this feedback @VeroniqueG ! 

We have a webinar coming up next week that will dive into our strategy and plans for AI and automation - and search will be covered in that session.


@Murat Akyol @Jovana Batinic FYI