DAM vs. File Storage Solutions for Smaller Teams

  • 6 June 2023
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Hi there - I’m Catherine and I lead our US Bynder Success Squad. We get a lot of questions about how DAM compares to file-sharing solutions like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. This post covered some of the key differences. And here are a few other differences that are particularly relevant to customers with smaller teams:

  1. DAM is designed to minimize support requests: When you’re on a small marketing or brand team, or managing the DAM is only one of the many (many) hats you wear, minimizing the number of requests you get for assets is the dream! Through the use of structured data, DAMs are designed to help your users find what they need when they need it. Those users can use their own search terms and filtering to reach the right assets, and not have to rely on a rigid, predefined folder path.
  2. Groups & Restrictions: Permissioning and visibility restrictions are core to DAM, so you can have confidence that your teams have the right access to the right content. Via groups and restrictions, you can create different teams within your DAM and restrict access to these different groups or specific people, this way, you can allow your team autonomy to explore your DAM but within predefined limits. 

  3. Collaboration: Assets involve a lot of people. DAM helps you improve that collaboration. Of course you’re able to work with all the users in the DAM, but you can also use the External Uploader on your login page for streamlined work with your 3rd Party Vendors or people without DAM access. Any files they upload will be directed to your waiting room where your Admins could review, approve, and tag the files before they actually enter your DAM.

  4. Connectivity: Your assets are only as good as how you can use them! When you’re on a small team or have limited resources from web or development teams, it’s critical to find no- or low-code ways to automate repeatable tasks and minimize the risk of misused or outdated assets. With the Bynder DAM, most customers start with either the Adobe Creative Cloud connector or an integration with a CMS like Wordpress or Contentful

What questions do you get about DAM? Happy to share resources!

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A solid one a lot of my clients (and I personally) love is using Bynder Express instead of Dropbox/WeTransfer/Hightail to send huge files