Click to meet @VeroniqueG, our Champion of the month!

  • 17 November 2023
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Click to meet @VeroniqueG, our Champion of the month!
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Have you noticed our Champions in the Community? You’ve probably seen their usernames at the top of the leaderboard, in our news, or sharing their kick ass skills.

Meet our newest selected Champion, @VeroniqueG 

1. Please tell us a bit about your role. 

I’m a project Director within the IT & Organization Dpt of my company. I mainly lead transversal transformation projects involving cross-department people in France or abroad. My role is to understand and formalize business requirements, prioritize, find solutions and then lead projects until delivery. It’s mainly a coordination job, and I often consider myself as a translator as well between the business and the IT, in order for everyone to understand each other and work efficiently.

2. What Bynder products are you currently using to support your business? 

We started with Bynder during summer 2022, with assets managements and DAT. It was a bit of a challenge because we had assets everywhere on ftps, directories, hard disks etc. We went live with advanced users and content producers in November 2022. Then we started to open the DAM to our internal clients. In 2023 we implemented Creative Workflow, which has just been delivered, and opened the DAM to our e-retailers.

3. How are you integrating your DAM? 

At this stage our DAM is standalone. We’ve been working with PIM integration for months, and hopefully it will be live before the end of the year. This is the first critical brick to build before starting further integration, as our PIM is already connected with different platforms.

4. Where are you seeing the most value from Bynder?

Everyone here would say Bynder is a great time saver. Content providers are no more harassed all day long by mail to provide images or videos. Content users are happy to have a quick and easy access to assets whenever they need. From my point of view, another achievement is that we secured assets storage, archival and access, which was one of the starting point of the project.

5. What is something you’ve done that no one has done before?

Nothing spectacular at this stage, I’m afraid ! We have plenty of ideas for 2024, some of them are quite innovative and challenging.

6. What do you like most about the Bynder Community?  

Mainly there is no competition and everyone shares useful information, or can ask questions freely. As a new comer in the Bynder world, I really found useful posts/tips and I hope I’ll soon get enough maturity with our DAM management to contribute usefully as well. It’s also nice to have a view and a voice regarding the roadmap, and somehow to be involved in the product evolution. We just don’t buy a finished product, it’s evolving all the time along with new technologies and business requirements.

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