Click to meet @mikemueller327, our Champion of the month!

  • 27 March 2024
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Click to meet @mikemueller327, our Champion of the month!
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Have you noticed our Champions in the Community? You’ve probably seen their usernames at the top of the leaderboard, in our news, or sharing their kick ass skills.

Meet our newest selected Champion, @mikemueller327 

1. Please tell us a bit about your role. 

I manage company websites, our DAM and build out reports to track content across our channels. I also support our social media and creative teams. I'm driving digital experience for our corporate affairs group, implementing and maintaining tools like Bynder that help us amplify our brand.

2. What Bynder products are you currently using to support your business? 

We are currently using Assets, Brand Guidelines, Analytics and Studio. We also have Workflow and are working on optimizing that for our creative team.

3. How are you integrating your DAM? 

We have integrated Bynder with our web platform, Bloomreach, and use the Adobe CC Connector. We also leverage the built-in integration in our social media platform, Sprout.

4. Where are you seeing the most value from Bynder?

Our company spun off from a much larger one about two and a half years ago. So, we had to create a new brand from scratch in a very short time. Bynder is the one source of truth for our assets, which was much needed and something we never had before the spin-off. It helps us stay organized and consistent with our brand, and all of our assets are discoverable now. That is hugely valuable. No more searching share drives, external drives, SharePoint sites and emails to find assets. Requests to our designers to get a photo, logo, video, etc., are way down. 

We've really simplified the process of sharing, as well, both internally and externally. Using collections, Bynder Express and Brand Guidelines has been a success story for us.

5. What is something you’ve done that no one has done before?

l doubt we're the first, but we have started using presets heavily during upload to standardize our data. It has really helped us improve the quality of our asset data. Building on that, we have some metaproperty automations in mind that we are playing with as well. We've found that using collections to share translated assets with a global audience is a lot more efficient than all the methods we used before Bynder.

6. What do you like most about the Bynder Community?  

It's a great place to drop a question and get insights and ideas from people outside of our company walls. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need. 

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