Click to meet @Jeanet Dallerup, our Champion of the month!

  • 26 February 2024
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Click to meet @Jeanet Dallerup, our Champion of the month!
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Have you noticed our Champions in the Community? You’ve probably seen their usernames at the top of the leaderboard, in our news, or sharing their kick ass skills.

Meet our newest selected Champion, @Jeanet Dallerup 

1. Please tell us a bit about your role. 

I’m a Marketing project manager in Royal Greenland A/S, the largest seafood company in the North Atlantic, bringing wild-caught seafood to consumers around the globe. My role is, based on understanding business requirements, to drive digital transformation projects with our worldwide organization, including managing the implementation, training, administration, and further development. This includes “smart working” tools as e.g., Bynder DAM, Templafy, PhotoConsent.

2. What Bynder products are you currently using to support your business? 

We are currently using Asset Bank, Creative workflow primarily for our complex Packaging approval process, Print Brand template for SoMe, Email signature campaigns, One-pagers, and integrations to PIM (Struct), Templafy and CI HUB. We are currently starting to make requirements for implementing DAT to our upcoming new website (Strapi) – and I am looking for good success stories on implementing DAT – so please share with me;-)  

3. How are you integrating your DAM? 

For us BYNDER DAM is Single source of truth, regarding photos/images/illustrations/InDesign files and this is key for the management of assets.  We have built direct integration (API) to our PIM system and in the PIM system, images are data enriched and shared to the website.
The DAM images are also shared through the integration to Templafy. Templafy is integrated in Outlook, Word and PowerPoint and displays specifically selected images from DAM, within the Office tools, ready to insert directly into the Word or PowerPoint documents. This is a very successful feature used by most of our organisation. Making it easier to be brand compliant, find the correct image and work smarter.

The CI HUB integration is used as an integration to our graphic designer’s toolbox, InDesign. The Graphic designer use DAM as their main storage and graphic material sharing tool.

4. Where are you seeing the most value from Bynder?

Bynder asset Bank being Single Source of truth – everybody has access to the official valid assets to use around the world, both in terms of GDPR and staying on Brand. 

All the integrations making the images available where needed, saves time for the user. But also, users being able to share collections directly from DAM to externals are time saving. 

The Creative workflow has also been a success for the many participants easily getting a transparent insight into the process, as well as an overview of the performance of all the projects in progress. But this is also the module that gives us the most challenges, as we probably use the Bynder features to the max.

5. What is something you’ve done that no one has done before?

Maybe how we utilize the Creative workflow having developed the customized 11 step approval process for our packaging design. Which utilizes the Bynder feature to the max. but so far have been a success for our users.

6. What do you like most about the Bynder Community?  

It is great to have community to share knowledge and get inspired by other users Bynder use cases. 

Also, to talk directly to other users/admins. having similar challenges and opportunities is very valuable.

I highly appreciate Bynder are prioritizing to keep a community for users, as well as the 1:1 connect on Orbiit.

The Byndies are also very good at sharing new stuff, features and modules – that is also really inspiring.


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