Click to meet @Danny van Loon, our Champion of the month!

  • 18 August 2023
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Click to meet @Danny van Loon, our Champion of the month!
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Have you noticed our Champions in the Community? You’ve probably seen their usernames at the top of the leaderboard, in our news, or sharing their kick ass skills.

Meet our newest selected Champion, @Danny van Loon  

1. Please tell us a bit about your role. 

I work as a Digital Asset Manager at a contract furniture company within our Marketing team.
Within the marketing team I am the sole admin for our DAM. I am the primary uploader and trainer for our DAM.
I oversee that the assets uploads adhere to our standards, metadata wise and the technical specs of photo/video etc.
Also, in charge of user management, metadata management, analytics, integrations etc..
On the side I’m also admin of our intranet, marketing SharePoint. Basically, I have my fingers in all things Martech one way or the other.

2. What Bynder products are you currently using to support your business? 

We use the Bynder DAM & Advanced Analytics. we also use the API to upload assets for our client webshops.

3. How are you integrating your DAM? 

We have integrations with our CMS Optimizely. We use the CC Connector to connect our Adobe Creative Cloud software. We use Eformity to connect to Office 365. And are looking to connect Bynder to Salesforce. Especially the Eformity connection will allow everyone to create presentations with assets from our DAM.

4. Where are you seeing the most value from Bynder?

That we have one place where all our 'commercial' assets are stored. It eliminated the questions from our sales team for specific assets to our studio or marketing departments.
The connection with our CMS saves our content marketeers hours of not having to update assets on our sites manually. The connection with Office 365 is another valuable part as it empowers everyone to enhance their presentations with Onbrand assets from our portal.

5. What is something you’ve done that no one has done before?

Seeing our products have tons of options with regards to colour, we can't photograph or render every single variant. But what I did is that Every packshot of a product that comes into our DAM has several clipping paths, for example a desk, would have a clipping path of the tabletop, the frame, perhaps fabric of a privacy screen and the product as a whole. That way we can photoshop every single part of that photo into another colour if need be, which saves our studio & marketing departments time in editing, and increases the ROI of every product photo.

6. What do you like most about the Bynder Community?  

First of all that it's there, I think you listened to your clients and made this a reality. I love hearing how other organizations set things up, how they work. I'm always looking to improve our DAM, and my work. We really need more people in here to discus on different topics and learn from one another.

4 replies

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DANNY!!! 🏆 💪

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@Marrit MARRIT!!! :P

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All jokes aside, @Danny van Loon  is an outstanding admin. He always delivers detailed descriptions of what he encounters and always goes the extra mile. This allows us to quickly engage with our internal teams to reach a solution and/or product improvement. 

I wish I was as structured and organised as Danny, since he keeps the taxonomy, smart filters, dashboard with news items in great shape and order 💫  thanks for the great collaboration!

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@Marrit Thanks for the high praise.🤗 Thank you for the great collaboration, and great support.