Why don't I receive a notification before I exceed my license limit?

  • 12 December 2023
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To provide a better experience for my colleagues using Bynder, I wanted to provide an update in advance on how many licenses we have left. Can I receive a notification whenever we are reaching the limit?

3 replies

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Great to see you in the Community @martacalvinho! Thank you for your question. Indeed this type of notification is not currently possible within Bynder. Currently, you can see how many seats you have left in the permissions profiles. I am happy to share this with product as a feature request on your behalf.

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Hey @martacalvinho

There are two ways that I often check the user license count.

  1. As @Ryanne Perry mentioned, you can go to Users & Rights > Permission Management. The numbers will appear next to each main permission category (Light/Moderate/Heavy users)
  2. The Cockpit gives a quick view as well. I like this method because it shows both the number and a status bar. Advanced Rights > Cockpit

I would love a feature that allows admins to choose a threshold for any criteria that is limited (i,e, Users/Storage), once that threshold is breached, notifications go out to admins and CSMs. 


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Thank you @KevinMurphy! Indeed, I can see your point. Sending this over as an insight 😀