Sneak Peek: Sharepoint Integration

  • 20 September 2023
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We continue expanding our integration offerings between Bynder and separate tools to help you maintain consistency and keep up with versioning. I am excited to share an upcoming integration with Sharepoint!

What is the value that this integration brings to you?

  • Create a seamless integration between the DAM and Sharepoint
  • Maintain the DAM as the system of record ensuring version control and brand consistency
  • Self-service set-up through Bynder settings
  • Organizations using Sharepoint and Bynder will not need to spend time manually moving assets from one service to another

A few key features-

  • You will be able to select a folder from Sharepoint, and all assets in that folder and subfolders will be sent to the DAM
  • Any supported filetype will be added to the Bynder DAM as long as it’s existing Bynder-supported asset types

Automatically upload assets and apply metaproperties before adding final versions to the DAM

Do you currently use Sharepoint? If so, what are the most valuable activities you would benefit from integrating Sharepoint with the DAM? If you are not using Sharepoint (but you want to), what challenges are you facing that prevent you from implementing Sharepoint?

6 replies

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Hi @Mark would love to know more about how you and your team would like to utilize Sharepoint with the DAM.

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We utilize SharePoint within our company and internal marketing team. Our graphic designers put all of the materials and packaged files onto SharePoint when a project is complete. Since we already utilize the integration of Wrike with Bynder, final files are uploaded from Wrike. But our graphics team would love an integration where they could link photos from the DAM directly to their Adobe Creative Cloud suite. This way if an image needs to be updated for any reason, it’s updated on the DAM and automatically updated within the designers files. This may be out of scope for what SharePoint can do or if there’s another integration we can look into. 

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@ssinex Do you have the Adobe Connector in your contract? It does do live updates from DAM down into Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, and back up directly from Photoshop/Illustrator. The final packaging might not be covered quite yet for INDD though it is in the works.

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@ssinex the Adobe Connector, LinkrUI and CI Hub all do this at varying levels of ease. My team use CI Hub, but I recommend you test each one in each Adobe app to see if they cover your full workflow.

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@Robyn Silverstone is there the ability to add metadata to a SharePoint folder that gets applied to assets as they are added to SharePoint? Or do a GUI pop-up with the Bynder metadata screen?

Can multiple SharePoint folders be set to auto-upload to Bynder?

Lastly, is it possible to set assets to auto delete on SharePoint after upload to Bynder?

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@Mark 👋

  • I hope I understand question 1… however it’s possible by selecting 'Folder' in Content Type and by using that, the Folder Metadata or Columns, can then do the mapping. 
  • If you set-up with 1 SharePoint to 1 configuration in the set-up within Integrations Hub, all the folders and sub folders in that mapping, will sync. If there are other parent folders / sub-folders on a different path, that requires another configuration of SharePoint. Some more information within the Knowledge Base will helpfully explain what I’ve said above
  • This would be a new feature to be added to SharePoint in the future

Let me know if that’s answered your questions