Sneak Peak: New Creator UI in Brand Guidelines

  • 10 May 2023
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Sneak Peak: New Creator UI in Brand Guidelines
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I’m super excited to announce that we will soon be launching an almost entirely new creator UI in Brand Guidelines.

Outside of just being a far better user experience for our Brand Guidelines creators, this product improvement aims to enable more visually appealing and impactful content and brand experiences for the end users consuming it and lay the foundation for even more flexibility in the future.

Key highlights

  • We will be removing the floating toolbars that have been a bit fiddly at best, and downright infuriating at worst, especially when working on small screens.

  • All the layout configuration (page/section and widgets) will happen in the right-hand Settings Panel.

  • Brand Guidelines creators will be able to resize the sections, set margins as well as fully control alignment and padding of widgets.

  • This gives a far better control over the look and feel of the guides and takes guidelines content to another level.

  • We are bringing our modules closer by having a similar interaction so our customers that use Studio or DAT products alongside Brand Guidelines have a smaller learning curve.

And this is just the beginning of a new era of our Brand Guidelines! Stay tuned for more updates on this front.

Are you a Brand Guidelines customer and you’d like a sneak peek before General Availability on June 5? Let us know in the comments below and we will reach out to arrange the details and get you access to the latest features in your production or sandbox environments. 

Still not using Brand Guidelines? Let us know below in the thread and we can organize a demo for you.

4 replies

I’m a power user of your guides and would love a sneak preview of the improvements! Could we get them implemented on our sandbox site? Thanks.

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Hi Jasmine @jdefoore ! Such great news!

We’d be happy to release the improvements to your sandbox - expect to have it there by EOB tomorrow.  (do note that this feature will be made available for all our customers as of June 6)

We’d love to hear your impressions once you and the team have had tried it out. Please feel free to reach out here directly or through @Hannah Driscoll 


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@Jovana Batinic does the new UI provide any new features to control how the Banner images are displayed on the guide. The current default styling is to center all images inside the banner area (background-position: center center;) , this creates unexpected clipping of images when resizing the display (especially for modern high definition displays). It would be great if we could pin the background image to center top for greater consistency/predictability on the resize.

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@KlausRoots Not at the moment but definitely something we are considering for the next iterations. We want to allow repositioning of the image in the page banner so creators can control which part should be in focus.
Another idea we are considering to give more flexibility to Brand Guidelines creator users is to have previews on different devices (mobile vs big screens) so that creators can make build layouts optimized for devices they expect users to consume content from. 

On that note, the new UI is already in production and available to you so we’d really appreciate if you can share some feedback with us once your team has started using them.