New feature release: Duplication of guides

  • 17 October 2022
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New feature release: Duplication of guides
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I am excited to share a new feature released in Brand guidelines: Duplication of guides!

What am I most excited about with this release? Duplicating guides allows users to clone entire guides in a matter of seconds, regardless of the size of the guide.

Why? This maximizes creation efficiencies for all Brand Guidelines customers by allowing them to grow their documentation hubs in a scalable fashion without compromising brand consistency.

Where did we get the idea? Well from our customers of course!

Imagine that each guide you create must be translated into over 13 different languages. There’s a lot that goes into creating 13 different versions from scratch, a lot of tedious creation work that can cost your team's precious time. This new feature will significantly speed up the localization process for our customers operating in multilingual markets. 

Multi-brand organization that houses hundreds of guides with similar information architecture? The ability to duplicate guides makes creating brand/market-specific guides a breeze! Create a desired guide structure to be used as a ‘template’ guide. Share with your brand creators so that they can duplicate it and populate with brand-specific content accordingly and assign respective theme sets conveying brand identity.

Another important scenario duplication of guides solves for is when a user leaves your organization, you don’t have to worry about transferring ownership of that guide. Simply duplicate the guide and you are now the owner! The other, outdated guides can now be deleted, you haven’t lost any of that precious information, and that user is no longer tied to it.


Check out how to duplicate a guide. 


Click here to learn more about this product release.

How will duplication of guides create efficiencies in your creative process?

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